Slap Happy Episode

Hector Hector (Jonathan LaPaglia) seems to have it all. It is beautiful, wealthy, married to the beautiful Aisha; He had a healthy son, Adam and Melissa. Out that a dangerous secret of Hector I think you Greek parents did everything on a plate, but under these ideal facade. Anouk (Essie Davis) 41, Anouk feels the inevitability of aging, but will not grow. She wrote for a TV mini-series, dream of writing a novel and goes hand in hand with a much younger man. Harry Harry (Alex Dimitriades) is a man-made himself, engineer within your company. The beach has the perfect woman, perfect son, the perfect home. But now, all that is threatened by a single shot. He did it without thinking, but the child earned him his opinion. Connie Connie (Sophie Lowe) is a 17-year orphan who lives with her aunt Tasha. It is her last year of secondary school, but he has other things in mind. Young and curious, works a lot about life. Her best friend is Richie. Rosie (Melissa George) as Rosie is first and foremost a mother had many mixed feelings on this topic and took time to adapt to the changes everywhere, but now its commitment of Hugo is absolute. He knows that if it won't at least Hugo in everything else, to grow, to know how much you loved. Manolis Manolis (lex marini), Hector's father, arrived in Australia from the Greece, he, as a young hope long ago and energized by the prospect of a life in a new country. Now a man who approaches the end of his life around his old friends to see and understand the younger generation of greed and selfishness. Aisha, Aisha (Sophie Okonedo) is married to Hector; Their strength and endurance to reunite his family. She is also a professional woman with its veterinary activities. Penetrates into the forties, attacked by doubts about her marriage to the future. Richie Richie (Blake Davis) is Connie's best friend in school; like him, their identity, trying to solve the beliefs and limitations. What most want, that the world a simple and happy place where each of us. Family and friends gather at slap happy episode the Haus Hector in a barbecue festival the 40th anniversary. But in comments suggesting a vacation baby, that is not their own. You can't see at the moment, but this Act begins to unravel the social fabric, once all interconnected. Discovered in the days and weeks after the slap of Anouk, who raised him unexpected reactions to the incident. Came out and torn between her friends and their beliefs and expensive decisions about her life, which dominate the threaten to. While the police officers involved are beginning to fear that Harry and Sandi strike compromise is your reputation, life style and above all, his family. Harry tried, take matters into their own hands, but it's too late. Things with Connie and Hector are the impact because it is not equal. He decides to confront Hector but his reaction propels him to make a decision that will have serious consequences. Rosie has accumulated by indignation and finally gets her day in court. BBQ friends will meet again, but this time in a variety of life situations. To fight against selfishness and greed of the generation of children including, divided into his family alarm clocks ring Manolis. Flame a special bonus is trying to fix things. The slap is a tribute to the relationship between Hector Aisha, or perhaps raise issues that were already there. Together, they will try to restore their connection, but the holiday is not as expected. Lie, treason and adultery reaches a point, as people are forced to decisions about their lives and their behavior. If Richie will be wedged in the lights cross, is a desperate solution. Luke Buckmaster of Caray, said after seeing the preview images, dramas and relationships are exciting at first, wrote the story of the script David Williamson, who actually has the voltage and please no racial or cultural stereotypes. Successful gifts, a vision of multicultural Australia class half rarely seen in film and television. . David Knox of TV has even praised in the evening in the series after the incident, writing, has been completely thrilled by their ability, the characters in three screen sizes and strength in the history of the city to present. The sum of the parts, I am convinced that frankly it seems to me that improves. The shot is one of the most daring dramas of the year. . Clem Bastow of The Sydney Morning Herald, was however, contains the program write the opposite direction view apathetic and lifeless crushed Edition (large pauses between large areas of dialogue), an adjustment, numerous narrative passages into little pieces (testimony of Hector and Connie Tristan-seems suddenly decides, loving and kissing Connie was dismissive) and actors, at the Centre of all tours. . Kit MacFarlane in the Metro more negative assessment of the series, noting that despite a strong dramatic core of the slap at the end a fiscal drama is sensationalist and offers an artistic aptitude rather than explore presented too forced and docking scenario described it as a round of seven hours of soap operas masquerading as a serious drama. Macfarlane has proposed that his critical popularity point to a decline in the ability to analyze the screen texts and narrative nuances and countless times explored the first slap of cultural ideas and themes in a variety of ways. .