Slap Happy Episode South Park

Many times, TV offerings and are desperately empty. This applies especially to the production of quality in the tradition of the BBC. Only the singing detective impressed me, actually really caught me. But at least I am recommended for me of the South Park episodes almost always down and away. Is the first in a game recently and very convenient to the reader. Its because the bit PALIOTTI Hayes. For years, South Park has bitten slap happy episode south park hard into Follies of society and, in particular, the obvious candidates: sex, politics, religion. Hayes was lucky. So far that their religion is the goal. What today is almost incidental. ? How is great, and what struck me in the creators for that. The ease and casual. For example, death is more casual, like a fire. Strange things occur and you know it's strange to find strange and terrible things and are so strange is not underlined. So if you have the reality, which is strange and in one episode the power of Anticriticism added, much more powerful. I saw him with an episode similar to the Mormons and the difference is incredible. Scientology is based on a myth invented and pulled out his followers. Mormons have a similar truth busway, but something healthy were built as religions go to manage. So soft. For this we went previous Doonesbury and bloom County, Gary Larson. Now click here. In terms of these types. Report on Ted – 3/3: worth seeing. Stan: what am I doing? Do not sit and watch a child away my flying friend. (takes a turn to the left at the intersection) I.e., Gerson said that she never would leave me for him. (Children appear behind him and below) But if you don't want to hurt my feelings? Said it could be any girl what she wants and this means that if I wanted to, it was my daughter. (children begin fingers) This is madness. I love my day could be worse!? (Note the snap of fingers, stops a few steps and look at its surroundings). (No-no esperando los niños empezar a cantar), don't think so! Not me! Children: awww. (follow the murmur)Stan: No f * k wide. Not me. Children: awww. (more than Whisper. As the package, Burri, Stan left walks) Burri: Oh, the blood, not funny. Change the share Facebook Twitter Permalink to ,.